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car accident chiropractic
Car Accident Chiropractic

No one wants to be involve in auto accident injury, but almost everyone that has the misfortune to get into one will have some negative physical effect as a result. Whether it is just a minor fender bender or serious, multi-car crash, your body will absorb the force. In this article we explain how car accident chiropractor in Beaverton & Portland area in Oregon can help your needs:

What is Whiplash?

Whiplash is an injury to your neck. Most cases of whiplash are caused by auto accident injury where the person has been rear-ended. It is caused by your neck bending forcibly forward and then backward, or vice versa.

Even after visiting your medical doctor, soft tissue pain such as neck pain or muscle spasm can show up days later and they may require lengthy pain management and spinal rehabilitation.

To protect your health and avoid that to become a chronic pain, it’s important to follow up your healing process and be evaluated by a licensed auto accident chiropractor. While you may be suffering from a car accident injuries, the good news is that auto insurance (PIP) may pay for your chiropractic treatment.

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How soon after a car accident should I see a chiropractor?

If you are experiencing symptoms of whiplash after a Car Accident, you should seek out a chiropractor as soon as possible after your diagnosis, if you would rather have chiropractic rather than traditional medical treatment.

Do not wait until receiving a settlement for the car accident before beginning chiropractic treatment plan. In State of Oregon Even if your health insurance does not cover chiropractic, you are covered by PIP Insurance and you may receive reimbursement for your chiropractic treatment in the settlement.

Ideally, visit a chiropractor within 72 hours of the accident. Chiropractic medicine is a holistic form of treatment that does not rely on medication, surgery, or other invasive procedures. Whiplash is the type of auto injury most often treated by chiropractors.

At that first visit, the chiropractor will perform a physical examination, take your medical history, and take X-rays. In most cases, adjustments are not made on the initial visit.

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Who  is an Expert Car Accident Chiropractor Near Me?

Dr. Mansour and the team at Integrity Chiropractic Clinic in Beaverton Oregon are dedicated professionals whose goal is to maximize your health and wellness after car accident through chiropractic care. For the same day car accident injury chiropractic service in Beaverton Portland Oregon, Book Online or or Call us at 503-352-0735  and get back to full health, right now!



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