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Family Hiking Area In Portland Oregon

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In this article we go over Family friendly Hiking Area In Portland Oregon:

As any parent knows, hiking with kids is a blast — until it’s not. Little hikers are bound to get tired and hungry, but the mix of right strategies can keep the adventure going just a little bit longer.

It’s no secret that Mount Hood is held dearly in the hearts of Oregon’s outdoor enthusiasts. All throughout Oregon, you’ll find the iconic pointed peak stamped on everything from number stickers to beer coasters.

Mt. Hood is home to a web of trails that’s hidden under a blanket of snow during the coldest parts of the year. When the winter ice melts and the ski slopes close for the season, the myriad of hiking trails is finally unveiled, as are numerous waterfalls, creeks, and swaths of wildflowers.

Prepare for Hiking

To make your hiking trip easier on your back and joints, there are a few good preventative measures that you should follow.

Boot Up: I’m not exaggerating when I say that good hiking boots can be a lifesaver. A good, grippy tread, solid ankle support, and comfy cushioning are all must-haves when it comes to hiking boots. Some outfitters will have rock-covered inclines inside the store so that you can test your boots before you buy them. And most importantly, do your homework. A boot might look great, with an aggressive tread, but can be completely useless on wet rocks due to the material in the sole. Reviews will tell you about anything you need to watch for.

Stick With It: A solid walking stick or pole helps you keep your balance so you can avoid joint-damaging stumbles or falls. Even if you don’t fall, flailing around to keep your balance can wrench muscles and throw joints out of alignment. A sturdy hiking pole is your back’s best friend, allowing you to quickly regain your balance with a minimum of effort.

Don’t be a Loner: Yes, solo hikes are meditative and relaxing. But if you must go alone, stick to easy, low-grade trails. Joint damage caused by a fall or stumble can be made much worse if you don’t have somebody to assist you or apply first aid. (This is also your reminder to always pack a good first-aid kit.) Don’t forget a well-charged flashlight and phone for an emergency.

Get Aligned First: Hiking requires strength and good balance, neither of which are in strong supply if you have subluxations and misaligned joints. Getting regular chiropractic adjustments from The Joint Chiropractic can help ensure that your frame is in its best alignment possible, improving your balance and coordination, reducing pain, and helping your nervous system function at optimal levels.

lucky for us there are many hiking area within 30-minute drive from downtown Portland. here are the one we found kids and family friendly. I will upload our latest hiking photos soon 😉

Cooper Mountain1 - Family Hiking Area In Portland Oregon
Cooper Mountain

1. Cooper Mountain

Found on the western outskirts of Beaverton, Cooper Mountain Nature Park features three miles of trails through forest and prairie, home to some rare plants and animals. An easy loop hike takes you around the perimeter of the park, to an overlook and to a side loop, though shorter hikes are possible too. The park also has a nature-themed playground and a nature house where kids can take classes and go on guided walks.

Portlands Hoyt Arboretum11 - Family Hiking Area In Portland Oregon
Portland’s Hoyt Arboretum

2. Hoyt Arboretum

Portland’s Hoyt Arboretum is home to more than 2,300 species of trees, 63 of which are vulnerable or endangered. The park is accessible by MAX and bus, and is included as a stop on the free Washington Park shuttle. You can tour the visitors center or hike a full loop around the park, which doesn’t gain much elevation but does run 4.7 miles in all. Several other nature trails snake their way through the arboretum for shorter walks.

Kelley Point Park11 - Family Hiking Area In Portland Oregon
Kelley Point Park

3. Kelley Point Park

Known for its beaches at the confluence of the Columbia and Willamette Rivers – and potentially dangerous swimming conditions – Kelley Point Park is also a nice place to walk with younger kids. An easy 1.7-mile loop hike will take you around the park, along paved pathways and sandy beaches. Grassy picnic areas and parking lots are available at the north Portland park.

Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge111 - Family Hiking Area In Portland Oregon
Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge

4. Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge

Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge might play second or even third fiddle in an area best known for Oaks Amusement Park and the Springwater Corridor, but the 168-acre complex of wetland, meadow and forest is as beautiful as it is serene. An easy 2.3-mile hike will take you around the whole thing, though the hike does include a segment along the Springwater Corridor bike path. Look for the old Portland Memorial Mausoleum inside the refuge, now covered with a 45,000-square-foot wildlife mural – one of the largest in the country.

Oxbow Regional Park111 - Family Hiking Area In Portland Oregon
Oxbow Regional Park

5. Oxbow Regional Park

Oxbow Regional Park is one of the best natural areas around Portland area. That would be the 16 miles of trails, old-growth forests, a serene setting along the Sandy River and the many educational opportunities offered there, from mushroom foraging hikes to an annual festival marking the spawning of salmon. More adventurous families can hike the wilder north side of the park as well.

Tryon Creek State Natural park Area 11 - Family Hiking Area In Portland Oregon
Tryon Creek State Natural park Area

6. Tryon Creek State Natural park Area 

There are a lot of ways to explore Tryon Creek State Natural Area in southwest Portland, but one of the best might be to start at the nature center next to the parking lot, grab a map and wander the trails. Wooden bridges cross the many small creeks and streams that run through the park, and if you show up in spring, you’ll likely see pretty trillium flowers blooming. Adventurous explorers can loop the park in a 5.7-mile hike.

Wildwood Trail11 - Family Hiking Area In Portland Oregon
Wildwood Trail

7. Wildwood Trail

The Wildwood Trail starts at the Vietnam Memorial adjacent to the Oregon Zoo and World Forestry Center and circles uphill through Washington Park. You’ll need a map because Wildwood winds through crossing trails that will take you to beautiful spots — and get you completely off track. It happened to us within the first mile, forcing us to double back to the “water tank” feature to get back onto Wildwood proper. In our defense, we were dazzled by the blossoming plums and cherries, but the detour added a good three-quarters of a mile to our hike. (It was worth it.)

Wapato Greenway111 - Family Hiking Area In Portland Oregon
Wapato Greenway

8. Wapato Access Greenway

Ditch the beach and hike Sauvie Island’s gorgeous Wapato Access Greenway instead. A 2-mile loop will take you around Virginia Lake and along the Multnomah Channel of the Columbia River. Watch for wildlife and enjoy some truly towering oak trees that once were plentiful in the Willamette Valley. Picnic tables and a bathroom are available at Hadley’s Landing at the southern end of the hike, while a group shelter sits near the trailhead.

You’ll want the kids to wear boots on this hike because the trails can get muddy, and there’s no stopping them from jumping in those mud puddles! The Loop Hike in Wapato Access Greenway State Park is simple and flat, 2.2 miles, and only has an elevation gain of 40 ft. You won’t be breaking a sweat on this hike, but it’s a great place to bring young kids. You’ll wind through big-leaf maples, Douglas-firs, and cotton woods. Pack binoculars because there’s a good chance you’ll come across waterfowl and possibly even beavers. And pack a lunch and chill out in the picnic shelter in the meadow at the end of the hike.

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