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How Long Will My Back Hurt After Car Accident?

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How Long Will My Back Hurt After Car Accident?

Unfortunately the highest concentration of Oregon traffic accidents takes place in Portland area. After Multnomah County, Washington County was next in line for highest number of auto accidents with 6,700 crashes in 2012 – 19 fatalities and 5,172 injuries.

After being rear ended, back pain may or may not be immediately noticeable. This is due to the release of adrenaline—your body’s natural response to danger Back Hurt. Adrenaline has the benefit of increasing blood flow and heightening your senses when you most need it.

Soft tissue injuries are among the most common – especially in minor to moderate accidents. While some people may think soft tissue injuries aren’t a big deal because they aren’t visible and typically don’t require serious medical intervention, this is not the case. Without the proper diagnosis and treatment, the injury could worsen and have debilitating consequences.

If you sustained injuries in an car accident, seeking medical attention Back Hurt is the best way to ensure you recover as quickly as possible. If you think you have a soft tissue injury, you may be wondering what they are and how they happen, what the symptoms are, and how they’re treated.

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Whiplash Back Hurt After Auto Accident

You might not realize that whiplash could be the cause of your back pain. Whiplash can cause pain in the upper back or neck. You should start to feel much better within a few days, and the symptoms will likely completely disappear within three months. If your pain doesn’t start to get better, though, you could have an issue with your discs or facet joints and need to visit the doctor.

After an evaluation, your pain management doctor can diagnose your condition, and then you can begin treatment. At that time, your doctor can provide you with a prognosis, so you’ll know how long to expect to feel pain. If it takes you a while to heal, you might need to begin physical therapy or chiropractic treatment.

Chiropractic Can Help Back Hurt After Car Accident

Chiropractic doctors offer natural, non-invasive treatment options for all types of injuries. If you are interested in pursuing treatment options for pain management that does not involve medications or injections, then chiropractic care may be right for you. Chiropractors have experience treating many types of car accident injuries, from broken bones to back pain to whiplash.

Chiropractors can also be part of a team of car accident doctors, including orthopedic doctors, physical therapists, neurologists, and more. In these cases, your treatment may include a combination of therapies from multiple doctors. While your orthopedic doctor may prescribe you medications to alleviate your pain symptoms, your chiropractor would work with you to provide gentle adjustments to alleviate your pain and help the body heal itself. This combination of doctors can help provide a more comprehensive approach to your treatment and recovery.

Serious back injuries may require the use of surgical procedures to alleviate pressure on the spinal cord itself or the surrounding nerves. That can mean removing parts of vertebrae, and even fusing vertebrae together after the removal of a ruptured disk.

What Spinal Conditions Can Whiplash Cause?

Most of the time, the pain caused as a result of whiplash is as a result of soft tissue injury. However, if the accident is serious enough it can cause more serious spinal conditions like a herniated disc, advanced degenerative disc disease, fractures, stenosis and others.

Disc Herniation

A herniated disc occurs when the inner, gelatinous material of the spinal disc pushes out through the rigid outer layer. This can cause pain if the fluid starts to press up against the sensitive nerve roots that exit the spine.

Herniated discs typically occur in older patients who have experienced a lifetime of natural disc degeneration. However, they can also be caused when severe amounts of pressure have been exerted on the spinal discs; often through a traumatic accident.

Symptoms of a herniated disc typically include:

  • Severe pain in the neck
  • Arm or leg pain
  • Tingling, numbness or weakness in the extremities (likely your arms)

What if My Accident Caused Chronic Back Pain?

We all hope that pain will eventually go away after an injury. But sometimes, the pain persists. This can be especially true in the case of broken bones, head injuries, and neck and back injuries. These injuries can often result in chronic or recurring pain that persists years after the accident.

So, how does this affect a personal injury case? Pain is recognized as a non-economic cost and is often categorized under pain and suffering. What this means is that the law allows you to pursue compensation for the physical pain of an injury. The amount of compensation will vary case to case, but generally, courts consider the following factors:

  • The severity of your pain
  • The duration of your pain
  • The type of pain
  • Whether your pain responds to treatment
  • How your pain interferes with your day to day life
  • Whether you pain prevents you from doing certain activities or makes them unenjoyable


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