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Injury Claim Chiropractic Coverage

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Perhaps, you just got involved in a car accident in Beaverton Oregon. You are then taken to the hospital or clinic for treatment. After a full medical examination, your doctor refers you to a chiropractor.

This can be the case if you got soft tissue injuries from the sudden impact after the crash and you may wanna know your Injury Claim Chiropractic Coverage in state of Oregon.

This shouldn’t be a surprise because soft tissue injuries are the most common injuries people sustain from car accidents. Soft tissue injuries, such as neck injuries and muscle problems, can actually take several weeks to heal.

After such an accident, you’ll be surely concerned about the financial costs, and the chiropractic expenses.

If you’re considering making a personal injury claim, you may be wondering if the plan will cover chiropractic care costs.

Don’t worry. You’ll find out all you need to know about personal injury claims and your chiropractic care.


Providing Verifiable Important Medical Costs

If the accident was caused by another party, the losing defendant will usually reimburse all reasonable medical expenses associated with the accident case.

In this case, for accident investigation purposes, you must provide all incurred bills of medical care and chiropractic treatment.

But just because you’ve been treated, including chiropractic treatment, doesn’t mean the court should consider your treatment was essential. The chiropractic care details are very important: the symptoms, treatment, and each treatment’s cost should be documented clearly. Chiropractic care and its bills can be dismissed if documentation is speculative.

Therefore, if your case (the plaintiff) is controversial, hire an expert witness to attest that your treatment was necessary. The defendant can, however, appoint another specialist to testify against your data.

Regardless, it’s the court’s responsibility to determine whether all or part of your medical and chiropractic expenses are “legally” necessary.

The cost of chiropractic treatment can be pricey, especially if you receive multiple treatments for several weeks. After adequate convincing, the court may reconsider that further chiropractic treatment is needed. But the defendant might only be ordered to pay part of the chiropractic expenses.


Chiropractic Costs and Agreement with Insurance Company

It might be interesting to know that most personal injury cases are resolved before getting to court.

In most auto accidents and chiropractic treatment occurrence, the defendant’s insurance company often negotiate and pay all of the plaintiffs.

But because it may be challenging for you to cover all chiropractic costs at trial, insurers often refuse to pay the full damage cost in a pre-trial agreement process.

Your chiropractic bills might begin accumulating. And you may come wary of not being able to pay up if this occurred after an auto accident.


What is Personal Injury Protection (PIP)?

Personal Injury Protection, commonly known as PIP Car Insurance, is part of every car insurance policy issued in state of Oregon. It’s meant to provide compensation for medical expenses and lost wages that are incurred as the result of a vehicle accident.

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When to Hire A Personal Injury Attorney

It is not unusual for insurers to make it hard for an accident victim to get reimbursement for chiropractic treatment. So, you might as well encounter the same issue.

This happens because chiropractic treatment documentation is not a medical form. Hence, giving insurers a justification to decline settlement or cut the full recovery fee.

Consult a personal injury attorney on how to change the insurance company’s choice. Your attorney can reach out to the insurer with valid evidence that undergoing chiropractic care is important. The insurance company can still choose to stand on its offer.

In such a situation, you and your attorney would determine whether accepting a pre-trial settlement that does not cover all your chiropractic treatment is better or whether you should take risks and go to court.




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