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Where To Donate a Boat In Portland Oregon

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One way to make a difference is to donate your boat.  In addition, donors can be sure that their donation will go to programs that help keep boating a safe and enjoyable pastime for generations to come. Please consider donating your boat and receive the maximum legal tax deduction.

To lock in the highest possible fair market value tax savings for your boat donation you’ll most likely want to get an appraisal prior to giving. An appraisal, especially for donations a boats worth $5000 or more, can lock in a federal tax exempt for your boat donation worth the full appraised value as long as you donate with a qualified charitable organization.

To receive a full appraised value tax deduction the charity you give two must adhere to all IRS guidelines and may even have to hold onto your boat for a minimum of three years to ensure your eligibility to receive a tax deduction.

Here are some of national and local Portland Oregon boat donation Agencies:

  1.  Boat Angel
  2. Charity Boats
  3. Boat Causes
  4. Online Car Donation


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You should know that there are thousands of charities ready and waiting for proceeds from boat and watercraft or vehicle donations. These amazing charitable programs are doing fantastic works for local communities, but can only continue with support from generous citizens like you


Your Donation Helps Disabled Veterans Transition To A Normal Life

Vehicles for Veterans is a car donation program benefiting disabled veterans and donating is available to residents of Portland Oregon, including cities like Salem and Eugene.

When you donate a car, you can benefit disabled veterans and also receive free pick up or towing of an unwanted vehicle. Donors receive a great tax deduction as well. In an area with readily available public transportation, why not donate your rarely-used vehicle to a better cause? Donate your car, truck, boat, motorcycle, camper, or trailer, and help to provide disabled veterans with a better life.




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