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4 Ways Massage Therapy Can Help After a Car Accident

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Ways Massage Therapy Can Help After a Car Accident

Getting rear-ended in traffic. Face-planting at the bottom of a ski slope. Tumbling over the handlebars on your bike. Whiplash comes in many forms and can become a long-term problem if not treated correctly. The sudden impact of a accident can have lasting effects on your physical and mental health.

After the collision, you’ve got to deal with the headaches of insurance claims and car repairs. But, you also need to treat your personal injuries, even if it was a minor accident. Fortunately, massage and bodywork can address the ache and discomfort that come with whiplash and prevent chronic pain down the road.

Massage will help bring more oxygen to the muscles helping them heal faster. Plus, massage can help break up scar tissue from an old car accident injury.

Any type of massage will help relieve tension in the muscles. But, trigger point therapy will help to release knots in sensitive areas like the back and neck. Deep tissue massage can be especially helpful in treating symptoms like headaches and stress.


Swelling reduction and Massage Therapy

The location of physical trauma typically results in swelling as a result of injury or impact. Swelling comes from white blood cells and fluid entering the area to initiate the healing process. Receiving a massage to the area can help reduce swelling and promote healing by increasing blood flow and circulation.


Helps with Anxiety and PTSD

If you’re in a car crash, you may suffer emotionally even if you do not sustain any physical injuries. Especially within several hours of an auto accident, massage therapist can help people recover their emotional balance.

You may have increased anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder. Anxiety and guilt are very common after a car accident. PTSD can result from the most serious cases. Symptoms of PTSD include flashbacks, irritability, nightmares, and emotional detachment.

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Massage Therapy and An Increased Range of Motion

One of the biggest benefits we see massage offer our patients is relaxation. While this is critical for mental recovery, it can also go a long way toward relaxing tense areas in the body and neck and increasing a patient’s range of motion. By relieving tightness and inflammation, a good massage helps your body start working the way it’s meant to once more and puts you on the path to healing.

Massage therapy may help treat concussion

If you get a concussion in a car accident, massage therapy may be a useful treatment, either immediately, or in the following days and weeks. Massage techniques that are designed to strengthen your parasympathetic nervous system work particularly well for those who have a concussion, or who are experiencing problems following a concussion.


Massage therapy may be covered by your insurance

Your insurance policy may include personal injury protection (PIP). That coverage means your policy will pay for a set amount of medical services to treat your injury following an accident. If you haven’t used the coverage for other services, it may well cover the cost of massage therapy.

Massage provides pain relief. It increases circulation, improves the function of your lymphatic system, and it helps to reduce inflammation. Trigger point therapy, a specific form of massage therapy, may resolve unspecified or generalized pain as well.




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