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By Dr. Mansour Hossein

Meet Dr. Mansour Hossein

Dr. Mansour Hossein grew up in mid west, Chicago, Illinois and earned his B.A. in Clinical Laboratory Science/medical technology in 1995. He has worked in hospital settings as medical technologist to collect and prepare specimens, perform laboratory procedures used in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease. Verify, record and report lab results on all performed tests. Ensure compliance with government requirements, hospital policies and laboratory procedures, including maintaining the cleanliness of lab equipment, instruments and work area. His undergrad as a medical Technologist allowed him to execute and analyze tests in areas, including; chemistry, hematology, urinalysis, serology, blood bank and microbiology to aid physicians in diagnosing and treating disease in a hospital setting. Dr. Mansour has taught clinical laboratory assistant and phlebotomy at college level and is a preceptor for chiropractic students at his clinic. Dr. Mansour moved to Portland, Oregon with his wife and four children in 2005. He worked at Providence as a medical technologist while going through chiropractic school and graduated in 2009 and has been actively helping people at his clinic since.
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Securing your insurance policy requires stringent documentation to make a claim with the insurance company. We can ensure that you get the optimal compensation for your pain and suffering.

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We are using the equipment and technology that no other auto accident chiropractor in Beaverton offers right now; one reason for our high success rate.

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Because of our industry’s best practices, we are delivering the highest recovery rate for back, neck, elbows, and knee injuries, because we know how chiropractic works!

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Our chiropractic services are certified, and our chiropractic massage is tried and tested, thus providing you guaranteed relief from your injury-related pain.

I was looking for an auto accident chiropractor that could help me with my injuries resulting from my career. My back, neck and spinal cord were going through excruciating pain, but Dr. Hossein chiropractic treatment has turned the tables for me.

Marcus Raymond Stunt driver

As a yoga instructor my body feels over-trained, especially the neck and back areas. My yoga partner told me to find a chiropractor for my neurotic pain that was keeping me away from the yoga mat. With regular chiropractic massages, I feel much better now!

Angeline Arthur Yoga instructor
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Dr. Mansour Hossein

Dr. Mansour Hossein

Dr. Mansour Hossein takes great pride in getting people the care they need. He has made it his goal to help people since 1992 when he began his career in the health care profession. Dr. Hossein graduated with an associate of science degree in chemistry with honors, bachelor of science degree in medical technology and spend several years as a medical technologist and phlebotomist until he aspired to become a doctor of Chiropractic. He attended the University of Western states where he earned his doctorate and the director's award for unselfish service. Since graduating, he has worked hard to relieve people of their pain and taking joy in helping people get their lives back. He enjoys cleaning the house, chasing puppies, and making kebabs with his beautiful wife Elisha, and four children. his hobbies include foosball, soccer, fishing, chess and spending some time in the gym.
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